The Most Boho Cafe I’ve Ever Been To. Not in Bohemia, but Bosnia: Zlatna Ribica

tl;dr if you are a fan of Szimpla Kert in Budapest, you’ll enjoy Zlatna Ribica in Sarajevo.

a fellow tweeter tipped me off to this place last night with a link to a glowing TripAdvisor page.

i didn’t have a chance to check it out until tonight, and i’m glad i made the short walk out of the bustling Old Town to quiet Kaptol Alley (you want the pedestrian-only offshoot of Kaptol — you can’t miss it once you find the small street).

they play the most eclectic selection of music and it’s chock full of…well, random crap. but it all works together to give off this incredibly boho vibe. sorry the pictures are so shoddy but i didn’t expect it to be this picture-worthy and didn’t bring my real camera. oh! the aquarium (see below) is not random — i Google translated zlatna ribica and it means…(*drumroll please*) goldfish!

i had a tea (cost 3 KM, or a euro and a half) which came with all these goodies, and contrary to what TA reviewers have stated, i found the service to be quite friendly.

and yes, you do need to check out the bathroom as well (not pictured). it’s just as much a hoot as the rest of the place.




the only downside: no wifi 🙁

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