Would You Work Out at an Airport?

there are certain amentities that you get while traveling that i just plain don’t ever use. minibar? nope (unless it’s free). hotel gym? have never set foot in one. free drink certificates? don’t drink. hotel bathrobe? ha, gotcha. ALWAYS wear them.


but yeah, i recently saw these exercise bikes while walking through Terminal D at Philadelphia International Airport. accoridng to Google, they were installed earlier this summer and will be rotating through different locations (link is PDF) in the airport.

ok, sure, i can see using an airport yoga room (see SFO Terminal 2’s pioneering installation of one) — that is, if i were any good at yoga. i’m not quite sure how people actually do it, like if they bring yoga pants (and mat?) with them or if they just do it in whatever they’re wearing. but at least you don’t (i don’t think) end up all gross and sweaty.

can you imagine working an exercise bicycle before boarding your flight? all hot and sweaty, stanky and gross? NO THANK YOU. there are no showers at all at the airport, in any lounge in any terminal, so either you just kind of go through the motions and don’t really get a workout, or you get the sweats, and i don’t mean the good kind like meat sweats or sugar sweats.

i’m not one who would work out anyways (i am the holder of a long-lapsed gym mebership to prove it), so maybe i’m not the target audience, but i suppose i have respect for anyone who would get their workout on at an airport.

just as long as you don’t sit next to me.

p.s. i suppose i should add:

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