My 2015 Travel Destiny, Says Lonely Planet

a force in the travel/exploration industry not to be trifled with, Lonely Planet released their Top 10 Cities, Regions, and Countries to visit in 2015, and as a part of it, they have a quiz you can take to let you know which of those you should be going to.

i got, unsurprisingly so:


the northern lights have been on my to-do list for a long time.

i can’t disagree with their list of places to go, either:

  • of the 10 cities, i’ve been to Washington DC, Milan, Zermatt, Valletta, Vienna, and Toronto and loved all of them. i’ve heard great things about Plovdiv. i’ll only be in Sofia for a couple nights in December, but would love to explore more of Bulgaria (see also: Varna).
  • of the 10 regions, i’ve been to just Macau. Tasmania, Arctic Norway (of course), and the Atacama are super appealing to me. i was hoping to go to the Atacama last year but didn’t 🙁
  • of the 10 countries, i’ve been to Singapore, Lithuania, Ireland, and Morocco. i’ll be going to the Philippines for the first time early next year and i’m really looking forward to that, and i’d love to visit Serbia as well.

if you take the quiz, lemme know what you get!

(after the quiz you can also enter to win a trip, but i never have high hopes for those sorts of things. anyways, click all you want. i don’t get an extra entry if you enter via that link!)

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  1. Giddy for Points | October 23, 2014 at 2:40 pm | Reply

    I got Morocco. It wasn’t on my travel list but now I’m curious

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