Trying KFC Korea’s Zinger Double Down Max

recently, KFC Korea unveiled the Zinger Double Down King — a double down (you know, the glorious sandwich where instead of the patties being bread, they’re fried chicken) which has grilled beef and griddled pork (i.e., bacon) as the sandwich meat. OH TEH DROOLZ.

but when i heard about this (hat tip @jetsetcd and @lax2nrt) i realized i had tried the “regular” double down on the Korean menu, the Zinger Double Down Max, and forgot to write a review!

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That’s a little over $6

my airbnb in Seoul was in Itaewon, a very international area — hence the multilingual menu above. i passed this KFC, right above the subway station, at least twice a day and finally tried the Double Down Max before leaving for Japan.

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like American Double Downs, there is the requisite double helping of boneless fried chicken, cheese, and bacon, but the Max includes a hash brown — YES, A HASH BROWN (i swear if <blink> tags were still in vogue, i’d make that sucker blink). in addition, the sauce they use has a bit of a kick to it — perhaps that’s why they call it a Zinger?

on the whole, the experience was very Double Down — typical KFC fried chicken providing the savory and the salty, the bacon giving extra added fat and salt, and the cheese and sauce providing goopy goodness. i’m a spicy/hot wuss, so that part was a little distracting to me (in fact, it kind of detracted from the flavor, but that’s just me), and the hash brown well, was just plain odd. i think i would have preferred the new version which is MOAR MEAT and less starch. the texture of chewing hash browns while you’re working on a Double Down is not that pleasant and i think i would have just rather have had it separately.

and now the main question, when will they bring back the Double Down to my local KFC?!

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  1. that looks really good right about now…. lol

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