Analog Shots from the Archives

ok, don’t tell anyone, but i’m using this as an excuse to not do some work on a Monday night (though it’s for Tuesday). @flickr asked:

i looked through my analog sets (sorted by type of camera: Holga, LC-A, Fed-5, and Konstruktor) and picked some i really like.

wow. sorry the list is so long, but each of these is pretty special to me, though as usual it’s often a bit hard to separate out a “quality photo” from a “quality memory of a place and time”.

a double-exposure taken of some abandoned shacks in a North Dakota field (Holga)

Shack, Multiple Exposure

another double(?)-exposure, from a different North Dakota field (Holga)

Tree, Multiple Exposure

swing ride, Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk (Konstruktor)


sign at the side of the road, near Lake Tahoe (Fed-5)

Keep Off

old warehouse, San Francisco (LC-A)

Warehouse Interior

Bay Bridge, San Francisco (Holga)


Heilig Huesli, Rapperswil, Switzerland (LC-A)

Heilig Hüsli

Winged Victory of Samothrace, Louvre (LC-A)


Olympiastadion, Berlin (LC-A)


Subway, New York City (LC-A)


Christmas, New York City (LC-A)

In the Wind

Subway Platform, New York City (LC-A)

Subway Platform

Staircase Curves, Art Gallery of Ontario, Canada (LC-A)

Staircase Curves

ugh i have like 5 rolls of very expired film in the fridge just waiting for me to pull an analog camera out again…maybe my next trip.

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