Goodbye, First Pair of Travel Shoes. There’s a Pun About Sole and Soul In Here Somewhere.

the other day my significant other yelled at me for having too many shoes. i refused to listen until i actually counted right now, and as it turns out, i had 45 pairs. even i, a self-professed #imelda, admit that could be construed as being a few too many.

so i downsized. and i’m finally getting rid of a pair of green chucks that were with me at the start of my ongoing “solo travel as a lifestyle” adventure — the 2011 Cambodia trip below, though they’ve been around time-wise and place-wise for longer than that.


Wow they sure have faded since I bought them, but I suppose being soaked and subsequently blasted dry with a hair dryer several times might do that.

i actually started this post about saying goodbye to these shoes in July of 2012, and it’s been languishing in my Drafts folder since then because i didn’t have the heart to get rid of them. i haven’t worn them much since, except for my trip last year to Thailand and Mongolia, so i suppose, alas, it’s indeed time to say goodbye. feel free to start playing this song before scrolling down.

2013-07-06 00.21.38

Caught in a downpour riding a bike around Ayutthaya (July 2013)

Waiting at DFW (October 2011)

Riding a tuktuk back from an ATV excursion in the stormy backwoods of Siem Reap, Cambodia (August 2011)

Trying on jeans at a Zara in Berlin (October 2010)

Waiting for my boss to arrive at SEA (May 2010)

In Cambridge to see Imogen Heap (February 2010)

Riding the el in Chicago (December 2010)

Purchased at Nordstrom Rack (November 15, 2009) — thanks Twitter history! (And yes, they were mislabeled; I don’t wear a size 12!)

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