Coming Clean About My Cambodian Happy Shake Experience

people who have followed me for a long time on twitter may remember the time I went to Cambodia and tried a “happy shake” late in the summer of 2011, or well, intimated it at least. well, i figure it’s time to come clean about it since to this day i’m still wondering what was in there.


NOTE: drug use is illegal in Cambodia and you can get busted.

i first heard about “happy” from my hero (and probably yours too), Mr. Bourdain…

…and i knew i wanted to try it. i mean, i had made a conscious decision a couple months earlier to make ongoing travel part of my lifestyle and this was the kickoff trip — why not live a little (this is where you picture me doing a shoulder shimmy) and really step out of my comfort zone?

Unsafe Area

Not me — this was a sign at one of the temples. But nevertheless apropos.

i did some research online and found a place near my hotel that did “happy” stuff — i didn’t want a full on pizza because i wanted to play it somewhat safe, so opted for a late evening shake “with a little happy”. i got the shake and went back to the hotel — since i was traveling alone, i didn’t want to take any chances. well, here are a sequence of tweets, mostly from my private account, that document how the night went (spoiler: not so happy).

My happy shake sure is taking a long time to prepare…*twiddling thumbs* also, muahaha I feel like such a deviant!

Setting my alarm now, just in case my happy shake incapacitates me.

Which I doubt since I only asked for a little happy.

not convinced there’s any happy!

aaand i think we have the happy kicking in. gonna haul it to bed since i’m sleepy and also don’t want to happy tweet. night all!

so uhh, if that’s what a pot high does to you, i DO NOT WANT. too much to describe in 140. but uhh. hmm. yeah. luckily in bed already.

spinning room, kept hearing things (a chant that wouldn’t end), kept seeing random images of toys from childhood, barfed in toilet…

thought i would die in a hotel room in cambodia and no one would discover my body… so yeah. at least i can say (or not) that i’ve done it.

there you have it. pot? shrooms? something else? just a plain ol’ bad trip? or maybe there was nothing in my banana shake and it was all the placebo effect in my head?

thoughts? i’m a Good Boy™ so i’m pretty clueless in this arena. every now and then i think back about it and wonder what actually was in it and i’m hoping someone can help a clueless brother out?

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  1. I never knew about this. Thanks for sharing!

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