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Starbucks 12 Days of Bonus Stars Begins December 4th

I have to confess… 

…..I am a Starbucks Star Collector.

Anytime there is a promotion which offers Bonus Stars, I sign up and then just hope I can find myself in a city with a real Starbucks store. Alas, in my small town we only have one and it is located in a local grocery store.  As it is not a stand-alone store, it typically does not participate in promotions.

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Believe it or not, there are those individuals who do not know about the Bonus Stars program with Starbucks. I was talking with someone today and when I began talking about earning Stars and how one could do so quite easily, she replied with “No wonder my friend is always willing to use her app to pay for my drink!” Hopefully after we chatted, she will now be earning her own stars and her own free drinks from Starbucks!

For several years, Starbucks ran a special 12 Days of Christmas promotion offering where the company rewarded coffee drinkers for their patronage and loyalty all year long by offering fun  gifts and deals every day for 12 days in December.

Then, in 2013, the unthinkable happened.  Starbucksters learned that there would be no special 12 Days of ChristmasDeal of the Day. Instead, coffee lovers were only offered two special Christmas deals each week instead of the daily deals as in past years.

This year, it looks as though Starbucks is going to run its 12 Days of Christmas again with the focus this year on earning Bonus Stars.  I received an email offering me bonus stars for purchasing one of the new Winter Drinks (my favorite is the Crème Brûlée Latte). At the bottom of the email was this graphic:

Starbucks 12 Days of Bonus Stars

I am not sure if this is targeted, but I would think that it will be available to everyone who is registered and/or uses the Starbucks App. The app also works for purchases at Teavana Stores and you can earn Teavana Rewards.

I know not everyone uses the Starbucks app because I still see individuals pull out a Starbucks card to pay for their purchases.  If you haven’t downloaded it yet, the app is available for the iPhone (in iTunes) and for Android  (at Google Play).

With the app you can:

Why should you register an account with Starbucks or Teavana?

A Starbucks account allows you to register and manage your
Starbucks Card and you can:-

You can register for a Starbucks/Teavana account here.

So get registered and get ready to earn some Bonus Stars this Christmas!

Check here for the Daily Deals:

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