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American Express Centurion Travel Lounge in MEX


In Terminal 1 of MEX Benito Juarez Mexico City Airport, you can find the American Express Platinum Centurion Travel Club Lounge. I flew from MEX-LAX nonstop on Alaska Airlines and I was instructed to show my boarding and eligible card. In this case, I have an American Express Platinum card, so I was granted entry.

Entrance to the Platinum Centurion Club Lounge in MEX

Centurion and Platinum American Express Charge Cards accepted

To get into the actual club, you must go one level below using an elevator right by the check-in desk. You will be greeted with a Spa room where you can get massages and facials for an extra price. I didn’t use it, so I don’t know the duration of the massages nor the prices.

View of the massage room

View of the Centurion lounge in MEX

The Centurion lounge has a bar area where wine and spirits are complimentary.

View of the bar area

Complimentary wi-fi is provided and the current password is amex1 using the Cablevision American Express wireless hotspot.

Wifi password

When you sit down, a waiter comes up to you and presents you with the Centurion Club menu.

Centurion Club Menu

I had an early morning flight, so I needed to grab some food and took a look at the menu. There was a “Courtesies” menu which is available from 5am-12pm. Complimentary items include cereal, sweet bread variety, yogurt variety, chips, nuts, cookies, tuna salad with bread, turkey ham with bread, molletitos, and beverages. You must order these items from the menu since it’s not self served. All the beverages must be ordered as well since this is not a self serve facility.

There are also other items on the menu such as Soup, tuna tartare, smoked salmon, cold meat platters, chicken ceasar salad, flank steak pizza which are available from 12am-10pm (all day dining).

I was craving some eggs, so I took a look at the Breakfast menu for purchase (5am-12pm only) which offers, Eggs (Chef’s special), Special Molletitos, Chilaquiles, and Melons with Papaya and yogurt. The prices are pretty reasonable in terms of Airport food and ranges from $70 MXN-$100 MXN ($5.50 USD – $7.86 USD)

In the end, I ordered the complimentary sweet variety bread, complimentary molletitos, and Eggs (Chef’s Special). The eggs were basically scrambled with ham and had small chunks of the hard boiled egg whites which added to the texture. It was delicious and the refried beans with cheese and chips definitely sealed the deal.

assorted pastries (complimentary)

Molletitos (complimentary)

scrambled eggs with ham and refried beans with chips

I would highly recommend this lounge if you can gain access to it with your American Express Platinum or Centurion credit card. It’s a very small and cozy lounge, but when seated, you feel like a part of the upper echelon of society.

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