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Behind the Scenes at LAX with American Airlines Onboard the A321T Part 2


American Airlines has taken the next step in creating a more modern, fuel efficient fleet with the introduction of the Airbus aircraft from the A320 family. In November, 2013 American took delivery of the first Airbus A321 Transcontinental aircraft (A321T) which will fly between LAX-JFK beginning in January 2014 and SFO-JFK in March 2014. The A321T will offer fully lie-flat First and Business Class seats. American will be the only domestic carrier to offer a 3-class configuration between LAX-JFK, and between SFO-JFK, providing a valuable benefit to premium customers.

Part 1 – American Flagship Check In and Registration
Part 2 – Onboard the A321T – First Class, Business Class, Main Cabin Extra and Main Cabin features
Part 3 – Inside the Cockpit and Galley with an On the Tarmac Experience
Part 4 – Final Thoughts and Comparisons between the Airbus A321T versus the Boeing 767-200

I had a privilege of meeting Ryan Pearl who is the current Product Manager of Onboard Products and Cabin Design for American Airlines. He’s featured in this latest video from American Airlines Behind the Scene series:

Ryan and his team research, design, and develop new cabin interior products for American’s current and future fleet of Boeing, Airbus, and Bombardier aircraft. In addition, Ryan and his team focuses on the design and function of premium and main cabin seats, galleys, lavatories, bar units, and the overall trim and finish of the cabin interior.

First Class Cabin

First Class Seat – American’s First Class onboard the A321T features 10 fully lie-flat seats with a 43 inch pitch in the upright position. The 1-1 configuration ensures that each passenger traveling in First Class will have aisle access. Each seat is equipped with one universal AC power outlet and USB jack.

Amenity Kits filled with Akhassa skincare products will also be offered in First Class

Business Class Cabin

Business Class Seat – The Business Class cabin is outfitted with 20 fully lie-flat seats arranged in a 2-2 configuration. Each seat is equipped with one universal AC power outlet and USB jack.

No amenity kits will be offered in Business Class

Main Cabin Extra

36 Main Cabin Extra seats in a 3-3 configuration with a 35 inch pitch. Each seat is equipped with one universal AC power outlet and USB jack.

Main cabin

36 Main Cabin Extra seats in a 3-3 configuration with a 31 inch pitch. Each seat is equipped with one universal AC power outlet and USB jack.

In flight Wi-Fi Internet

– To allow customers the ability to stay connected in-flight, American will offer Gogo’s upgraded air-to-ground technology (ATG-4) Wi-Fi throughout the aircraft.


First Class and Business Class – Complimentary in-flight entertainment selection of up to 200 movies, up to 180 TV programs, more than 350 audio selections and up to 20 games is available on a 15.4-inch HD-capable tilting touchscreen monitor positioned in each seat. Complimentary ear buds will be provided.

Main Cabin Extra and Main Cabin – Customer can enjoy complimentary in-seat entertainment through March 31, 2014 at each seat throughout the Main Cabin. Every seat offers 8.9-inch HD-capable touchscreen monitors with an assortment of movies, TV programs, games and audio selections.

Following the full complimentary period, customers will have the option of complimentary content, pay-to-access packages or pay-per-view movies in the Main Cabin. Customers will have the opportunity to preview TV programs, music, and games on the ground before purchasing right from their seat via credit card.

In Main Cabin, complimentary content includes NBC Universal Television, 18 American radio stations and a collection of short content videos. Starting at $4, customers can access packages of more than 150 network and premium television shows, 300 albums, audio books and games, and up to 200 movies on longer flights – all on demand. The A321T will feature an exclusive Disney entertainment library. For one price, customers can access a package of movies, television programs, music and more from Disney.

In-flight Dining for First Class and Business Class:

American is enhancing the transcontinental premium food and beverage service with new entrees, appetizers, salads and desserts.

Breakfast Flights:

Menu options may include:

– Gruyere and fontina cheese omelet with mushrooms accompanied by roasted red pepper potatoes and chicken apple sausage.
– Belgian waffles with sea salted caramel topping served with chicken apple sausage
– Tomato, leek and turkey bacon strata served with seasoned potatoes and chicken apple sausage.
– Smoked salmon and bagel accompanied by Bibb leaf lettuce, fresh sliced tomatoes, cucumbers, caper berry, and whipped cream cheese

Additionally, an espresso and cappuccino machine will be able for First Class customers only.

Lunch and Dinner Flights:

Appetizer choice may include:

Sliced sirloin with corn salsa

Thai seasoned chicken breast with grilled pineapple and watermelon served with Asian mint dressing.

Entrees may include:

– Grilled beef filet served with green and yellow haricot verts and roasted garlic mashed potatoes.
– Shrimp scampi with roasted tomato garlic cream sauce served with creamy polenta accompanied by roasted asparagus.
– Butternut squash gnocchi with sautéed spinach, butternut squash, and sage cream sauce.
– Grilled beef filet served with sautéed spinach and kale accompanied by potatoes au gratin.
– Pumpkin seed encrusted chicken breast with brown butter sauce served with sugar snap peas and mashed sweet potatoes.
– Pasta duo of cheese tortellini with pesto alfredo sauce and Florentine manicotti with Mediterranean tomato sauce.

Red-Eye Flights:

Customers flying on overnight flights will be offered a light dinner and a wake-up breakfast featuring fruit smoothies and warmed breakfast breads.

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