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Trip Report: Mileage Run Vacation to San Jose Costa Rica

I’m embarking on a trip to Costa Rica today where I’ll be spending three nights and four days in San Jose. I booked this trip on American Airlines for $328.01 (taxes included) where I will be earning 6,469 miles at a rate of 5cpm which will work towards my goal of re-qualifying for Executive Platinum Status.

Introduction to Costa Rica

The routing is as follows: LAX-DFW-SJO-MIA-LAX

I booked his trip back in May and my upgrades still haven’t cleared on the Los Angeles to Dallas (LAX-DFW) portion which is showing F1. The (Dallas to San Jose) DFW-SJO portion is not looking good since the availability is J0 and all the seats are taken.

This will be my first time in Costa Rica, so follow me on Twitter and Instagram for live updates!


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