Etihad A380-800 First Class–Sneak Peek

I just returned from a ~14 hour flight in first class on Etihad’s A380-800!  What an incredible experience, I cannot imagine a better way to fly.  First class on this plane is special because each seat is a “suite,” meaning you get an 8-foot couch, vanity, large tv, large chair, 3 windows, and doors that fully close.  Did I mention there is a shower and bar?  Plus, an on-board chef prepares each plate as it is ordered a la carte by first class fliers.

Normally, a one-way ticket from AUH-JFK (Abu Dhabi to New York) in first class would cost ~$8,000 but I redeemed 90,000 American Airlines miles for the ticket (plus paid about $45 in taxes).  I’ll do a full review of the flight later, but here are a few pictures in the meantime.  #nofilterorphotoshop


The first class cabin on the upper deck of the A380-800.  You’ll notice that there is only one aisle, meaning each suite is about 8′ wide.  The residence (first door on the right) was empty this flight but the flight attendants would not let me take pictures of it.  The doors and walls on the suites were a little over 5′ tall and actually provided more privacy than I expected.


My suite-4D-as seen from my seat.  There is a couch, blanket, light, and fully opened door.  The door on the suite across the hallway is closed.

Shower.  The button turned on/off the water and the dial controlled temperature.  The colored light indicator told you how much of your five minutes of water remained.


My suite-4D-as seen from the aisle.  I chose seat 4D because it faces forward and it is placed near the window.  Other suite configurations face rearward or switch the location of the seat and vanity.  The vanity is hidden behind the white panels to the left.  My luggage fit under the couch (right).


Breakfast.  Yes, I finished everything on that plate.


Pre-departure champagne, 2006 vintage.

2 Comments on "Etihad A380-800 First Class–Sneak Peek"

  1. It looks like a great experience. You managed to book it prior to the devaluation I see. Very cool that you found dates available. What did you do to get to AUH? I would love to fly on this route or one of their other options. Positioning is just what makes it difficult for me normally. I guess the easiest way would be to fly to NYC and then redeem it JFK-AUH but that route is difficult to secure in F using miles. Would you do it again?

    • thetravelingmillennial | December 26, 2016 at 7:14 pm | Reply

      My firm had an office in AUH, so I planned to hang out by the beach in the morning and then work at the office at night (AUH is 9 hours ahead of the east coast US). Our office closed so I sat by the beach in the morning and explored restaurants and malls in the evening. I’ll write a full post on AUH but I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the Emirates. You could also take Etihad’s free shuttle to Dubai.

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