American Airlines CRJ-200 Review (Economy) – ‘Twas the Worst of Times

I recently traveled to Abu Dhabi after redeeming miles (90,000 miles and $46) for first class on Etihad’s A380 (the plane with the shower and onboard bar!).  I decided to fly the AUH-JFK route which was about an hour longer than flying in the other direction (jet stream folks).  I’ll post my review of each segment accordingly–this post is the first review of my trip.

Boarding (BWI)

I include this section because if you fly the CRJ-200 out of DCA, you’ll need to board from the dreaded Gate 35X (you take an escalator to the basement of the terminal where you board a bus to take to the plane).  I flew from BWI to PHL and was excited to see that I would board the CRJ-200 from a real gate.  You’ll also notice that the plan is barely larger than the luggage cart.


The Plane

The CRJ-200 sports 50 economy seats in a 2-2 configuration.  There is no first class cabin.  The extremely small bathroom is located in the rear of the plane.


The seats are just as uncomfortable as they look.  The padding is insufficient and the seats barely recline.  The headrests are not adjustable and do not feature entertainment systems or wifi.


The overhead binds are too small for typical carry-on luggage, so you’ll need to check your bag at the gate.


The photo is a little blurry but you can see that the seat is not much wider than my boarding pass.  I sat in the first row which I believe is one of only 2 rows that features extra leg room.



Avoid this plane whenever possible.  The seats are awful and you need to check your carry-on luggage at the gate.  Bring your own entertainment and snacks.

3 Comments on "American Airlines CRJ-200 Review (Economy) – ‘Twas the Worst of Times"

  1. American AIrlines doesn’t own CRJ’s, their affiliates do. Once I read “American Airlines CRJ-200” I lost all interest because a traveler who claims to have a good knowledge of aircrafts should know that very basic detail. The majors do not own regional jets, when I was a CRJ pilot I flew American, Delta and United painted jets. You would know that, if you listened to the safety briefing, they always detail who you are actually flying with. Also, to complain about legroom and the inability to bring carry on luggage is hilarious. Just like most travelers, you have not the slightest amount of knowledge on how your aircraft operates. If you want more leg room, get ready for overpriced flights, the more people in the plane, the less it costs for the passenger. The CRJ-200 is specifically designed for cheap short distance flights to major hubs , both for the operator(which again isn’t AA) and the passenger. So good job, you pointed out something that even the airline is completely aware of. Through all of this it made me wonder, did any of these flights on these horrid aircraft end in the ocean or a grass field? Or did your entitled ass land safely at your destination and complained to the overworked ladies and gentlemen that got you there? FYI the people that work for the airline are just as sick of you as much you are sick of their airline.

    • thetravelingmillennial | May 13, 2017 at 5:27 pm | Reply

      You’re definitely right about American not owning/ operating this particular plane, but most folks who read this blog are not interested in the exact entity that operates the regional aircraft. I expect all of my flights to land successfully but the airlines that do it best will continue to receive my business. For the most part, my criticisms are directed at the airline companies/ executives and not individual employees.

  2. Thanks for this review. Reality C seems like a real douche. Who cares who the subsidiary is when you book this flight it is on the American web site so what is this guys problem. When you read restaurant reviews do you want the holding company or the restaurant name. The bottom line that came through crystal clear in your review is that this plane sucks and should be avoided if possible.

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