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Etihad First Class Lounge – Abu Dhabi (Review)

I recently traveled to Abu Dhabi after redeeming miles (90,000 miles and $46) for first class on Etihad’s A380 (the plane with the shower and onboard bar!).  I’ll review each segment of my trip:

I spent four days in Abu Dhabi and was impressed at how relaxing it was compared to Dubai (which I had visited earlier in the year).  Before my flight home, I spent quality time in Etihad’s First Class Lounge in Abu Dhabi, one of the best airline lounges in the world.


Back when I redeemed miles for a first class flight on Etihad, the booking came with a complimentary chauffeur.  (Note, award redemptions no longer come with the complimentary chauffeur service.)  Of course, I booked the complimentary chauffeur and saved the $30 USD that I would have spent to taxi to the airport.  My chauffeur arrived 30 minutes early.  The interior of the car was amazing–sadly, all of my photographs were blurry.

My chauffeur.

The first and business class lounges have a special entrance at the Abu Dhabi airport.  Thankfully, the chauffeur knew about the secret entrance because I most certainly did not.

After clearing security, which had no line, I arrived at the first class lounge and spa.

First class lounge and spa entrance.


Immediately upon entering the lounge, you can store your carry-on and schedule your complimentary massage or haircut (you can pick one).  I scheduled the shoulder and neck massage.

Once you make it past the spa desk, you start to appreciate just how large the lounge is.  The lounge is composed of several rooms.  The first room is the dining room/ bar.

Another larger bar is located around the corner.  The drink selection is impressive.

A television room is located at the back.  The seats have power and USB outlets.

The lounge contains a napping/ relaxation room.  I napped for about 30 minutes before a family of five arrived.

Finally, there is additional dining room seating and a smoking room.

The cigar smoking room is behind the glass doors.

Food and Drinks

The food and drinks were excellent.  I ordered some sort of butternut squash pasta that ended up being the best butternut squash pasta that I have ever eaten (no, this was not the only butternut squash pasta dish that I have ever eaten).

Butternut squash pasta with champagne.

The lounge’s signature champagne is a 2004 Billecart-Salmon which has a nutty and refreshing taste.  It retails for $170 per bottle.

I received a wine tasting during dinner.  The California Pino Noir was my favorite.

Spa and Gym

I received a complimentary massage at the scheduled time.  Afterward, I worked out and showered in the adjoining gym.  

The shower includes a shampoo and soap gel.

Sink with hand towels.

Elliptical machine.


The gym was relatively small but it felt good to work off some of the calories I just consumed prior to boarding my flight.


The service was excellent.  I was proactively approached about drink refills and the servers offered suggestions for their favorite food and beverages.


The lounge was amazing and was better than almost (I was not able to fully experience the Qatar First Class Lounge in Doha when I was there) every other lounge that I have visited so far.  If you are visiting Etihad’s First Class Lounge for the first time, definitely plan to arrive a few hours early to enjoy all of the perks.

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