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Driving the Furkapass – Switzerland

I recently traveled to Switzerland and had an incredible trip!  I will separately write about each segment of my trip:

These pictures do not do it justice, but driving the Furkapass was awesome!!!!  I rented a car to drive from Zurich to Zermatt because I wanted to drive on the Furkapass, so I was disappointed to learn the pass was closed on my journey to Zermatt.  However, the Kulmhotel confirmed that the Furkapass was open for my return trip to Zurich.

James Bond and the Furkapass

The Furkapass still looks very similar to when Goldfinger was filmed.  Note – the tiny cement guardrails look just as unreliable when seen in person.  


The black line on the map represents the approximate length of the Furkapass.  You can zoom in to see the zigzagged contours of the mountain pass.

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Fetching directions......


The weather was beautiful so the Furkapass was open when it was time for me to return to Zurich.  There were several pull off areas which I took advantage of to take some of these photos but the rest were taken from inside of the rental car.

The incredible views continued after leaving the Furkapass.  Swiss lakes are a vibrant aqua color and they sit at the base of steep mountains, some of which are snow-capped (not pictured).


I highly recommend renting a car to drive the Furkapass but be prepared for unpredictable mountain pass closings.

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