Video – Latam 787 Takes Off From Easter Island

Latam 787 on the tarmac at IPC airport on Easter Island.

Flying Latam’s 787 both to and from Easter Island was a really cool experience, especially when I deplaned and boarded via stairs (IPC does not use jet bridges, it’s a very small airport).

The view from the window when departing did not disappoint:

When I was hiking the volcano crater at the Southern end of the island, Rano Kau, I saw Latam’s 787 getting ready to take off. I was fortunate enough to capture it on video, shared below. I was at an altitude of approximately 1,000 feet above sea level which provided an excellent view of the majority of the island. You can see just how little of the Washington D.C.-sized island is inhabited.

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  1. A truly stunning view out of the windows.

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