Barreling Down the Autobahn

(this happened nearly a month ago, but i figure i’d better write it down here before i forget.)

Heads up display says: No speed limit (Ende aller Streckenverbote sign), 226 km/h, go straight for 18 km, then keep right

to get from hamburg to lübz for the nena concert i rented a bmw 3-series on big sale (it ended up being the cheapest automatic, fancy or not at €53 total for 1 day) and loved it. it handled great, even at high speeds, and the heads-up display not only told you how fast you were going, but the speed limit and navigation directions as well. [the speed limit thing is important — contrary to popular belief, only certain sections of the autobahn have no speed limit, and the limits change constantly, so having the car tell you what it is rather than keeping an eye out for signs was great.]

in any case, the point of the post: i topped out over 226 km/h, probably around 232 km/h (~144 mph), which beat my last speedy autobahn drive by about 20 km/h or about 14 mph, and back then i didn’t sustain the high speeds like i did this time. i probably would have gone faster but i felt bad for wasting gas, since there’s a very clear gauge in that car that tells you, basically, you’re driving hella inefficiently.

the only thing was, it wasn’t until after i finished the drive that i noticed a sticker in the upper left of the windshield and on the key tag that says you’re not allowed to go over 210 km/h because the tires aren’t rated for faster than that, so maybe it’s a good thing i didn’t push it. oopsie daisies! and yes, mom, on the way back to hamburg, i kept to 210 and below.


related: the €100 speeding ticket i got in spain for going 145 km/h in a 120.

UPDATE: even more related: the €15 speeding ticket i got in this car.

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