Instawalk: Best of 2013 #frifotos

i was going to pick my top 5 Instagram shots of 2013, but couldn’t whittle it down, so here are 10 :D. i don’t think these are necessarily the best visually or aesthetically, but they are ones that i really like and/or speak to me for one reason or another.

Evening service

Santiago Metropolitan Cathedral (Santiago, Chile)


Performance Art at the Lumen 2013 Festival (Staten Island, NY)

Vīlandes iela 11

Old Art Nouveau building (Riga, Latvia)


Little cabin (Flåm, Norway)


Church of the Savior on Blood (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Nothing special. Just a ginormous rainbow on the side of the road in Alaska.

Rainbow (south of Anchorage, Alaska)


Old communist statue (Budapest, Hungary)


Slides at an abandoned summer camp (New Jersey)


Trail (Jungle Habitat, New Jersey)

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  1. Will Run For Miles | January 3, 2014 at 4:55 am | Reply

    I love these photos!!!

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