Best-Kept Secret? The SAS Copenhagen Lounge Has Day (Bed)Rooms (aka Rest Cabins)!

sure, many lounges have showers you can use, but the SAS Gold Lounge at Copenhagen Airport has full-on day rooms with a bed and a bathroom/shower. i came across this information while researching the lounge options at CPH, and it seems like it’s a little-known fact. certainly i had no clue and i haven’t heard much talk about it either. according to FlyerTalk, the only official mention of them is one line on the SAS EuroBonus Gold benefits page. sadly, CPH is the only airport in the SAS Lounge network that has these.

located way in the back of the upstairs section are two rooms in the corner. i bet most people wouldn’t even bother looking at the signs, but they clearly have a bed on them!



ask at the main service desk (the big one located behind reception) for a Rest Cabin key; you’ll have to trade in your boarding pass. there are only two and they are first-come-first-serve, with no time limit, and since the lounge closes at night (30 minutes before last scheduled SAS departure), you cannot spend the night. i would assume that since you have a key you can come and go as you please to say, get some food, but you can’t leave the lounge since they have your boarding pass and thus you can’t get back in.


the bed is pretty comfortable, and the shower and bathroom is pretty typical, with a changing table (i think?) even. it’s nice and dark in there, although during busy periods the din from the outside (especially the clanking of silverware and cups) can be pretty loud. doesn’t matter, though, since i was so sleep deprived from last night i was just glad to have a bed in a dark room.


At least dawn was pretty?

sidebar: the airinn vilnius airport hotel ugh. i got a room there last night that was probably one of the worst airport hotels i’ve stayed in. yes, it’s close to the terminal, but a) there are no blackout curtains, and b) there is no ventilation system so you have to crack the window for air. this means loud passengers arriving at night and the bright lights of the terminal area lighting up your room. i suppose if you’re going to stay there, get a room on the side facing away from the terminal.



if you have access to the SAS Gold Lounge at CPH you have access to the day room. passing through after a long flight or early start and want some rest, this is a great option. i don’t think it’s super-popular, but remember there are only two, so i wouldn’t necessarily count on it. good luck and sweet dreams!

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  1. Tried to use these lounge-day-bedrooms this Saturday and have been told that they are no longer available due to fire regulations (!). Can you confirm this? Sounds ridiculous – apparently because there is only one exit (duh…) and therefore dangerous in case of a fire….

    • Oh no! Thanks for the update. I haven’t passed through that airport in a while but this a good warning not to expect them to be available I guess! Hopefully this is something they can fix!

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