Instawalk: Dalt Vila — Old Town Ibiza

nope, I didn’t think it was possible, but indeed today I felt like I actually wasn’t on an island devoted to partying. the old town portion of Ibiza rises from the ocean, its fortifications and even the buildings seemingly hewn directly out of the earth.

Heading into the old town part of Ibiza

Heading on in

it’s a bit of a climb up from wherever you decide to access the Dalt Vila (“High Town” or “Upper Town”), but it’s well worth it for the views and then exploration of the quiet alleyways that (at least today?) seem a world away from the sundrenched crowds. well, until you get to the popular vista points, then you’re reminded where exactly you are.

Old Town Ibiza

The new and the old with a fortification in between

this UNESCO World Heritage site dates back centuries, with ruins going back over a millennia. in the panorama above you can see the lower part of Ibiza Town to the left, then the beginning of the fortifications, and the nooks and crannies of the Dalt Vila on the right.

When people say it's steep and hilly, they weren't kidding!

Wear sensible shoes and get ready for a workout!

Island life

One of the picturesque small side streets

Cathedral of Ibiza

Inside the cathedral that sits atop Dalt Vila

The view from the Cathedral

The view from the Cathedral square

Looking out over the water

Looking out over the water. Those streaks are boats heading out to sea.

Looking south from atop Old Town Ibiza

Looking south from atop Old Town Ibiza. In the distance you can sort of make out the island of Formentera, which is where many of those boats are going.

Side street

More great side streets

Looking up to the cathedral

Looking up to the cathedral

sidebar: getting there if you’re staying in Sant Antoni (aka San Antonio), you can take a bus from the bus station (the ginormous canopy structure on the southeast side of town) down to Ibiza for €2. you want bus line 3, departures every 15 minutes during the daytime. pay the driver and get a receipt (they can make change but only accept bills up to €20). locals will stop in between but just get out at the end of the line when everyone else gets out, near the intersection of Av. d’Isidor Macabich and C/ Madrid. this is also where you’ll take the bus back north. there is a bus that goes to the port but it requires a change at the airport, so it’s just easier to walk from this stop. use this site for schedules and more information, although this one has better maps.

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