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I was flying on US Airways Flight 1802 from JFK to Charlotte this past Sunday and had the pleasure of flying with the most wonderful flight attendant by the name of John G. He was not only cheerful and professional, but he won major points with me when I noticed that he called everyone in the First Cabin by name! Now that took only a little bit of effort on his part, but was definitely well received and noticed!

We were able to chat a little on the plane and he shared a tip with me that I thought was really neat.  It makes so much sense and is one of those ‘Why didn’t I ever think of that?’ ideas. I am sure that there are some of you out there who know this already… but then again, there may be some who hadn’t thought of this either.While chatting in between his duties, we ended up discussing the many technology objects (such as iPhones, iPads and other tablets) that passengers often leave behind in seat back pockets. He said it can be so frustrating as a flight attendant to not be able to readily connect an item with its owner. If you have set your device with a lock screen,  the person who finds it will be out of luck trying to figure out how to get your iPhone or tablet back to you. He pulled out his iPad and showed me his lock screen.

For his lock screensaver, he had printed a piece of paper which included his name and contact details, took a picture of it and saved it to his Camera Roll. When he travels, he changes the lock screen to display his name and phone number. Rather than having to wait to use your Find My iPhone app which will display a message to the finder, your information is right there on the screen for them to see.  And, assuming that your device is found by an honest person (as was my iPhone), the amount of time before you are reunited with your device may be shortened quite a bit!

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How simple it would be if we all took the time to have our lock screen display this information when we travel.  Who knows?  You may leave your iPad on the plane, but end up having it returned to you before you leave the airport.

Great idea John!

 P.S. works on iPhones, Androids too!

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  1. Just a friendly reminder…don’t take a pic if your iPhone phone number that you then put on your screen saver!! Use an alternative number…

    Haha, I’d make that mistake!

    Great tip though!!!

    • Carolina Travel Girl | July 19, 2014 at 1:33 pm | Reply

      You know, you definitely have a point there. A good option would be to use a friend’s number who knows how to reach you should your device go missing.

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