British Airways Concorde Room JFK – Italian Anniversary

British Airways First Class Check In SeatingBritish Airways First Class Check In Seating

By the time our trip rolled around, despite multiple searches, it looked as though for our transatlantic flight we were definitely going to be flying British Airways First Class. The only reason I had wanted to change this were because of the exorbitant fuel surcharges charged by BA. But, since I set up a dedicated travel savings account years ago in order to cover charges like this, the bite wasn’t too bad.

I had managed to add on the Augusta, Georgia, (our home airport) to the beginning and the end of our journey at some point in the summer because of a small schedule change. This meant just a short 30 minute drive to the airport instead of a two and a half hour trek to Charlotte. All of our flights to New York were on time and it was a beautiful day for flying.

Arriving in New York, we had a little over three and a half hours of layover time. We had to change terminals from our arrival at Terminal 8 to Terminal 7. Dear husband was ready to head to the regular check in desks in the terminal but I urged him to follow me to the First Class check in at the end of the terminal instead.

British Airways First Class Check In

British Airways First Class Check In – JFK

His reaction to a dedicated area for first class passengers was definitely worth the fuel surcharges!  We both loved the sofa bearing the Union Jack in the seating area prior to security. After a quick check in we were through security (located adjacent and to the left of the seating area) and right at the door to the Concorde Room lounge.

British Airways First Class Check In Seating

British Airways First Class Check In Seating

We were greeted warmly and informed that our flight boarding time would be announced. We headed down a long hallway leading to the main area of the lounge. Restrooms were located  on the left and there was an area to store bags to the right. The decor was modern, bright and welcoming.  Although some may find the sofas and chairs a little old fashioned, the area was well sectioned and offered comfort as well as a certain degree of privacy. There were not too many people in the lounge at that point so finding a seat was not problem – finding a seat with an electrical outlet, however, was the challenge. We finally settled on a couple of the cushy chairs near the hallway and the dining area.

The lounge has a small buffet of snacks including a mini-charcuterie, cheeses and assorted bakery items.  A selection of premium spirits are offered in addition to an excellent choice of wines and champagne, and, of course, sodas and water.

British Airways Concorde Room

British Airways Concorde Room – Snack Buffet

A small business nook is located towards the back of the lounge offering even more quiet for those who may find themselves having to catch up on work before a flight.

While Ray settled in and accessed the available wifi, I located the phone in the lounge to make an appointment for a complimentary treatment in the Elemis Spa.  The Spa is located in the Galleries lounge at the other end of the terminal about a five minute walk away. I choose the Spot-on Power Back Massage, but when I arrived they had somehow booked me into a massage chair instead. The masseuse was booked for the next two hours so I settled for a 15 minute foot and calf massage while sitting in the massage chair anyway. I would rate the experience as only average. Perhaps it was because I had been looking forward to the back and shoulder treatment instead.

Elemis Spa Menu

Elemis Spa Menu

After a cursory look around the Galleries lounge, which was extremely busy and packed with travelers, I headed back to the Concorde Room.  The dining area in the Concorde room is a full service restaurant with no extra charge as it is part of the “on-the -ground” dining options available for First Class passengers. We had decided to eat there instead of using up valuable time on the plane as our flight time was only six hours. We settled in to one of the booths and were immediately approached by a pleasant attendant who took our drinks and food order.

Dining area - Concorde Room JFK

Dining area – Concorde Room JFK

Adjacent to the dining area is the bar which is well stocked with various top shelf beverages.

Bar -Concorde Room JFK

Bar -Concorde Room JFK

The menu was rather interesting, but the food was rather bland and overcooked.

We began our meal with soup and salad.

And I ordered the Seared Tuna…which tasted as though it had been prepared much earlier in the day and then brought to room temperture for serving. Or it may have even experienced one more flip under the heat lamp.

Seared Tuna - Concorde Room

Seared Tuna – Concorde Room

Ray had baked chicken with rice …

Baked Chicken with Rice - Concorde Room

Baked Chicken with Rice – Concorde Room

I also thought I would try the Sea Bass. It too was dry and fairly inedible.

Sea Bass - Concorde Room JFK

Sea Bass – Concorde Room JFK

We skipped a dessert mostly because it was almost time to gather our things and head to the gate.  But also because, based on the main dishes, we didn’t have any expectation that the dessert would have been better.

Overall the Concorde Room is definitely a first class experience mainly because of its exclusivity. It is much more quiet and less busy than its sister Galleries Lounge (which has a First Class area for BA elites as well). The overall layout, buffet food offerings, and wine and spirits definitely stand out. The service from checking in at the desk to being served at our seats and during dinner were exemplary. The one major disappointment, however, was the quality of food in the restaurant.

British Airways Concorde Lounge JFK

  • Wifi – yes
  • Business Center – yes
  • Showers – located in the Galleries Lounge
  • Spa – located in the Galleries Lounge
  • Snack Variety – Excellent
  • In-Lounge Dining – yes
  • Entry – Ticketed First Class on British Airways

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