2014 Austin Mega Do Announced!

The dates (Feb 20-23, 2014) and the tentative schedule has been announced for the 2014 Austin Mega Do 3.0.  Registration is not yet open but the schedule looks good because there is going to be good ol’ Texas BBQ! In particular, there will be a private dinner at Franklin’s BBQ which is very delicious! There will also be tours of breweries, a pub crawl, and possibly a live concert?! Schedule may change as registration for the event opens. Its no secret how much I like Austin since I visit there quite frequently and had lived there for 5 years.

Discussion and updates can found on this Milepoint Thread and this Flyer Talk Thread. Mommy points also shares her experience from the 2012 Mega Do here.

This time of year is my accounting “busy season” so won’t be able to make it until Friday night but hope to see ya’ll there! Save it on your calendars!

If you are interested in visiting Austin, check out these posts for activities and food ideas:

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And remember their moto: Keep Austin Weird!

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  1. I hopt y’all have a blast. Franklin’s BBQ is one of the best in Austin, so enjoy. There is no lack of eating options, that’s for sure.

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