BMW HQs Museum Tour in Munich

Me on prop bike

You don’t have to be a car enthusiast to find this museum awesome! Our group decided to take a day off from Oktoberfest to see this area attraction.

The museum is located on the Olympia-zentrum subway stop which is also the location of Olympia Park which hosted the 1972 Summer Olympics.

The BMW museum admission was reasonably priced at 8 Euro each for a group of 5+ (9 Euro regular price). Since we were in a group, we were also able to check out the Rolls Royce exhibit as well.

We started at the Rolls Royce exhibit which was awesome! Many private owners lent their cars to be displayed here and there were stations where you could learn more about the history of the company. For instance, did you know that Rolls-Royce Motor Cars became a sub of BMW group in 1998?!

Classic and Newer Rolls-Royce cars

Classic and Newer Rolls-Royce cars

There were so many cars and motor.bikes to see at the museum


Ya I want this one!

Cool concept car...only one made

Cool concept car…only one made

We spent a good several hours at this place just ogling all the cars and motor.bikes. If you make a stop in Munich, I recommend a stop here, whether or not you are a car fanatic.

Did you know that you could custom order and pick up your BMW in Germany?! Here is a post that FreeTravelGuys had written about this.

Me on prop bike

Me on prop bike




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  1. uhh yeah… I’ll take a 508 too!

  2. Yep, the Euro delivery is usually a great deal. Using MB as an example, the savings of the euro delivery basically covers the cost of the vacation to go pick up your new baby. But waiting a few weeks to see it again creates all sorts of anxiety! 🙂

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