Southwest Now Has TSA Precheck!

I was booking a flight this morning and noticed something new, a place to enter your known traveler number.

known traveler #

Then I saw this on their website, information on TSA precheck, the benefits and who is eligible. So TSA precheck is now up and running on their website! The question is, are the airports ready to take those that are eligible? I have yet to check Houston Hobby to see if there are dedicated lines for these but I hope they are ready for us!

So how does one get TSA precheck? Check out my post I did on how I applied for Global Entry (GE) and the interview process. With GE, you are automatically enrolled in the TSA Precheck program.

To save this known traveler # in the SW website, go under my account, my preferences, contact info, and personal info edit.

It will finally be nice to use this on Southwest since I am planning to fly a lot with them in the next year.



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  1. I noticed 2 days ago too as I was booking a flight. Their website does say, however, that only reservations booked after opting in are eligible, which sounds like old reservations won’t pick it up even after you add the number to your profile. Since I was booking a reservation with plenty of availability I just cancelled and rebooked. I’ll be able to verify in a couple of weeks if an old reservation I’m flying will pick up the reservation as well, since I couldn’t risk canceling and rebooking that one. That is, if SAT is already set up anyway!

  2. I actually received an email from Southwest asking me to register. I did though it seems that most of my travel lately has been migrating to Delta or American due to the price point and distance to drive to Hobby vs IAH.

    • Giddy for Points | November 22, 2013 at 3:36 pm | Reply

      Luckily I live the same distance to both airports so I just go with the better price point rather than distance to the airport.

  3. Just to add another comment I flew over the weekend and as I suspected we didn’t get cleared for pre-check since our reservations were booked prior to the start date. Oh well.

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