My Austin MegaDo Experience: DO Harder!

This past weekend I attended my first Austin MegaDo and it was a great success! Thank you to everyone who made it run smoothly and who made it so much fun!

This Austin MegaDo was such in high demand that the main events literally sold out in 10 minutes after registration was opened. I wasn’t able to attend all the events but the ones I did were great and of course I got to meet some more great people and reconnect with familiar faces.

I arrived Friday evening just in time for the famous Franklin’s BBQ! Luckily this was a private event or else we would have been waiting hours to get in. Gary Leff from View from the Wing flew into Austin just to have a taste!

Turkey & Brisket...drool!

Turkey & Brisket…drool!

Afterwards there was a pub crawl on 6th Street. You know its going to be a crazy night when your first drink is a Flaming Dr. Pepper shot at Cheer’s Shot Bar!

Saturday morning was the Alamo Drafthouse Hecklevision event where you get to send comments to the screen via text message that everyone can read. I didn’t attend but Gary did and here is his experience.

In the afternoon was another bar crawl on Rainey Street. This area is a new up and coming area where you can relax with friends, grab drinks, grab lunch at food trucks parked along the street and just have a great time during the day. I’ve never heard of this place but the history is that an entrepreneur, Bridget Dulap, turned this tired old neighborhood into her vision which I think is fantastic! Here is the website to Rainey Street which lists all the bars and restaurants you can find here. They are still doing construction on this street to convert these old houses into bars/restaurants but it looks like it is coming along fast.

In the evening was the Livestrong concert and Tex Mex dinner. The party took place inside the Livestrong Headquarters and proceeds from the raffle  were donated to them. Randy Peterson was there as well and his own Rimowa carryon from StarMegaDo 5 was given as a raffle item.

The band there kept it lively and there was even dancing towards the end when everyone was loosened up! The event was a hit and everyone enjoyed themselves.

Livestrong Concert

On Sunday was brunch at ZTejas were we got some hot food such as bacon, potatoes, chicken enchiladas, etc and unlimited mimosas. It was a good atmosphere and the Austin Do group had the place all to ourselves to mingle and recover from the great weekend.

ZTejasThat concluded the Austin Mega Do 3.0 but before I left the city, my friends took me to Mozart’s on Austin Lake where you could grab coffee, pastries or Amy’s ice cream. It was perfect outside and a great way to end a fun weekend.


I’m ready for next year!



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  1. Looks like a blast!

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