Free Stuff for Me on My Bday!

I like signing up for as many loyalty programs as I can because I like all the free stuff I get on my birthday which is today!

  • Landry’s Select Club –  I get $25 to use during my bday month every yr for as long as the program is around. I went to Saltgrass this year 🙂
  • CVS gave me $3 coupon to use off anything in the store
  • My hair salon Visible Changes gave me $15 off my haircut to make myself look purdy
  • Victoria Secret gave me $10 coupon to use on anything in store or online
  • Kohls gave me a $10 off anything in store or online
  • Godiva gave me $10 coupon for anything in the store. I love chocolate!
  • DSW shoes gave me $5 off my next purchase
  • Starbucks gave me a free drink. I love me a pumpkin spiced latte!
  • California Pizza Kitchen gave me a free dessert, yum!
  • Swagbucks gave me 50 points
  • Bucca di.Beppo gave me $20 off 2 pastas or entrees
  • Auntie Anne’s gave me a free pretzel with purchase of a pretzel
  • Melia hotels gave me a free night with a 2 night stay

What have ya’ll received? Anything else I should sign up for for next year?


12 Comments on "Free Stuff for Me on My Bday!"

  1. Michael H.(oldfox) | October 30, 2014 at 10:37 am | Reply

    Happy Birthday…… and hopefully many more good ones to come! And…… keep up the great work on the blog. Love the blog and meetups.

  2. not sure if this is national … signed up in my local bakery NYC Upper Eastside, for a free cake, and receive many great birthday offers

    Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy birthday!! Benihana restaurants gives $30 off no minimum on your birthday if you sign up for their free online club online.

  4. Happy Birthday! Mine is coming up and I was going to do the same sort of post. So far, I’ve also received $10 off at Chico’s, 20% off from Lancome … signing up at Benihana now lol

  5. If you’re near a Grimaldi’s, they send you a coupon for a free pizza.

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