How I Plan to Tackle My $20k Min Spend for Chase BA

In light of the Bluebird/Serve shutdowns I am having to readjust how I plan to do things.  I am putting my wife’s churn on hold for now, because I would like to get the $20k spend that I need meet on the Chase British Airways card out of the way. Of course that is now more difficult thanks to the shutdowns.  Fortunately, I have a plan.

I am sure this will come as a big shocker that my plan involves reselling.  I have been telling myself for some time that I need to branch out on my resell opportunities.  When it comes to meeting minimum spends I am more concerned about breaking even than I am about my profits.  This has freed me up to branch out on what I am looking to sell.  So I am heeding my own advice and buying Apple Watches which are on sale at Target.

I bought 4 watches for $1196.  Depending on how many resellers take advantage of this deal I hope to make a $15-18 profit per watch.  I also bought the watches through the Amtrak shopping portal (it was offering a deal that works best for me at 3x).  If these sell well (which they should) I will look for opportunities to buy more.  I want to get an idea of what the turnaround is before I float more money.

The other thing that I will be doing is testing my remaining Serve card.  My plan for now is to just load $500 per month.  It is a new card so I hope to be able to slip under the radar for a bit.  We’ll see.

Unfortunately, with the changing landscape it will take me longer to meet the minimum spend on the BA card.  The good news is that it gives me an excuse to branch and be creative about meeting minimum spending requirements.

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  1. You can always do Mall GCs: $3 per 500 and then worry about getting rid of those later (easier said than done).

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