That Was Easy – 30 Minutes Work for $500

Here is how I made an easy $500.  I walked into a chase branch and asked to open a business checking account.  30 minutes later I walked out and just have to wait for my $500 to deposit into my account.

Banking bonuses are a part of my travel slush fund theory of travel savings, so taking advantage of this was a no brainer.  There has been a lot of talk about this bonus online and there are only 2 days left to sign up.  The promotion ends on the 10th.  So if you were on the fence I suggest getting out there and signing up because there isn’t much time left.

If you are concerned that you have to jump through a bunch of hoops to open a business account that was not my experience.  I was asked some questions about my business, how long I have been in business, and what my monthly deposits would look like.  I did not need to provide proof of a registered business such as a DBA filing or LLC, etc…

This was the easiest banking bonus I have signed up for. To earn the bonus there are two requirements: (1) deposit $500 and (2) maintain that balance for 60 days.  There are a couple of catches, however.  First, you must leave the account open for 6 months.  Second, there is a monthly fee of $20 but I think there is a work around for that.  When I opened the account the business accounts guy told me that after I get the $500 I should reduce it down to the Chase Total Business Checking Account.  This was volunteered by him I didn’t ask if I could do that.  Once you have that type of account the monthly fee is $12 or waived if you maintain $1500.

To get the bonus you need a personalized offer.  To get that click this link and log into your account.  Print the coupon and go to a Chase branch.

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