I’ve been thinking a lot lately about sourcing.  There are 4 main websites I look at for sourcing.

  • Staples
  • eBay
  • Dicks
  • REI Garage

Staples and eBay were my go to websites during the good old days reselling iPads.  Since those days appear to be gone I’ve focused a lot more on sports and outdoor categories.  You can find some real hidden gems in Dick’s clearance and at REI.

However, I am such a cautious guy when it comes to these things that when I find a good deal I sometimes struggle to get myself to pull the trigger to make a large bulk purchase.  Instead I will by a half  dozen and see how it goes.  With what I’ve seen at REI and Dicks you really need to buy a large bulk amount to make real money.

Staples is still my favorite thanks to my favorite reselling combo of uPromise 5%, Ink 5%, and Staples Rewards 5%.  Although ever since iPads dried up I have struggled to find killer deals.  Done ok with external hard drives, but the downside to that is you are typically competing with Amazon.  No bueno.

eBay can be great when they are offering bonus on eBay Bucks.  It is funny though, I seem to have this mental block with eBay that makes it hard for me to trust I’m buying something that isn’t stolen.  So I don’t source there as much as a I probably should.  Need to get better at that.

I want to expand where I source from.  Thinking about Walmart.  I’ve literally never spent a penny at Walmart.  This is something that started for me in college as a protest over their business practices.  I still don’t like their business practices but they are so friendly with MS that I am thinking about ending that protest.

I also need to take a good look at uPromise and see other stores where they offer 5% cash back.


4 Comments on "Sourcing"

  1. Scott how are you liking West Linn!!

    • Love it! I could not imagine a better place to raise a family. Especially, as I watch Portland implode from being a victim of it’s own stereotypes.

  2. Ramsey ..... telling it like it is | September 14, 2016 at 9:59 am | Reply

    Knew you would love W.L., did I ever tell you that I owned the Fedex Home Delivery routes for W.L. ( and the 2 Lake O. zip codes too ) for 7 years, I have been to your block a thousand times. I guess if didn’t sell those routes 3 years ago, I would be at your house often. You made a wise choice, THE BEST CHOICE!! I love my new home in Ridgefield WA. but it’s too close to Van-getto. Instead of freaks we have the trash moving there (Van-Getto) from Oakland.

    You said it nicely about what has happened to Portland, every freak and wierdo who can’t cut it successfully in California has moved here. I know your area at least draws people that were/are successful, equity refugees or are spending their parents Cal. equity inheritance.

    Looking to move to Eugene soon, it is actually getting nicer down there,

    • We moved to Eugene when I was 12. Great place to grow up too. I like West Linn a lot more but I have a soft spot for Eugene. Although, Still a little too hippie for my tastes.

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