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Singapore 2014: Chinatown Complex Hawker Stands

Singapore 2014: Chinatown Complex Hawker Stands

Basement: Grocery store (fresh vegetables, seafood, dry goods)

First floor: Shops (clothing, shoes, some souvenirs)

Second floor: Food stands

I know that I’m probably missing a few shops as there were a few that I wasn’t interested in. As I stayed near there, I only went in the morning and at night. I spent most of my there during the mornings so only 1/4 of the shops were open.

Here is the directory of the 2nd floor food stands:


All the shops are open for lunch and early dinner. Most of the shops close at 9pm. The best time to go would be around 8pm as the crowds die down. During lunch, it was insane. I went at 1pm and it was still very crowded. It was much more calm at 8pm. I’ve been here a few times at 10pm and surprisingly some shops are still open, like the dessert places and beer place.

It may be a bit hard to see, but I think this was the most crowded Soya Chicken place in the complex. It was very good.

The most popular chicken rice place here was Heng Ji Chicken Rice. I thought it was really good but haven’t tried any place in Singapore. PointsSummary noted that he found a place in Geylang (yep he was being really specific here) that was really good.

I was a bit surprised, but Ah Ling Cooked Food was one of the only places that sold fried bee hoon (soy sauce fried wide noodles).

I did manage to find another place that sold it. It was already pre-made and it tasted ok. I would’ve loved to try out the place pictured above but I was too full to have another.

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