Hilton Abu Dhabi (Executive Floor – King) Review

Hilton Abu Dhabi

I recently traveled to Abu Dhabi after redeeming miles (90,000 miles and $46) for first class on Etihad’s A380 (the plane with the shower and onboard bar!).  I’ll review each segment of my trip:

While in Abu Dhabi, I used my Citi Prestige card’s 4th night free benefit to book four nights in the cheapest Hilton Abu Dhabi room, for the price of three nights.  My American Express Business Platinum card comes with Hilton Gold status, which provides free room upgrades at certain properties.  At check-in, I was upgraded to an executive-floor king room.


The hotel did not look impressive on the outside.

Hotel’s Upgrade Policy

Prior to checking in, I looked online to verify that Junior King Suites were available.  I specifically asked the front desk agent if my upgrade would clear into one of those rooms because at least three remained open for the duration of my stay.  I was informed that base-level rooms were upgraded to the executive floor and executive-floor rooms were upgraded to suites.  Since I booked a base-level room, I was upgraded to the executive floor.  Hey it never hurts to ask, right?


My original room was likely in the 719-724 room number range.  I was upgraded to 707.  The junior suite was 739.  It’s worth noting that the the junior suite faces the Gulf.

Executive King Room

The room itself was nice but nothing special.  Advertising it as an gulf-view room is a little disingenuous.  You can only see the gulf when you are seated by the window.  Room pictures are included below:



Good pressure but the temperature fluctuates without warning.





Instant coffee.  Wallet not included. 


I appreciate that the room has a desk.  I needed to do some work while on vacation, so I used the desk.  I also worked in the executive club during snack hours.

Executive Club

This vacation was the first time I had access to an executive club lounge and it was great!  The food was good and the lounge saved me approximately $50 in food costs during my trip.


Breakfast buffet.


Pro tip, you can order entrees from the restaurant for free.  I ordered a ham and cheese omelette every day (it was delicious!).  I had to specially request the drip coffee–they mainly serve espresso-based beverages in Abu Dhabi.  I needed more than a thimble of coffee in the morning, just saying.


The view from the executive floor was great.  You can see the (under construction) Atlantis Abu Dhabi in the distance.  You could also see a ton of cool cars on the road below.


Lots of seating and a TV.  There was even a private room which was great for families with small children.


Orange and watermelon juice.

The fresh squeezed juices were pretty cool.  I really like fresh squeezed mango juice which was served twice during my stay.


I preferred the two-person table near the window.


View from the elevator–Atlantis Abu Dhabi


The Hilton hotel’s club, located across the street was the highlight of the compound.  The exercise facility was extensive and there were multiple outdoor pools with ample seating.


The hotel has two tennis courts in the back.  You need to reserve the tennis court in advance, at the concierge desk.


I practiced my serve for two hours over the course of two days.   Yes, I flew my tennis racket halfway around the world to practice my serve on my vacation.  Worth it.

Room Service

The room service food cost the same as the restaurant on the ground floor.  If I had known the hotel imposed an additional 20% room service charge, I would have marched myself to the restaurant downstairs and ate there.  The pizza and wine tasted amazing, especially after traveling for almost 24 hours.


Cheese pizza and a blended red wine


For approximately $110 per night, I ate a ton of free food in the executive club and used the workout/ beach facility daily.  Overall, the Hilton Abu Dhabi provides an excellent value.  If I return to Abu Dhabi, I would not hesitate to stay at the Hilton again.

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