A Week of FREE Lunches–Here’s How I Did It.

This past week has been a very satisfying week, in terms of food for me at least.  Thanks to the latest Discover Card and Android Pay promotion, I was able to score a FREE $10 lunch everyday this past work week.  Really made my stomach feel good, and my wallet even better.  The savings were real, and it was so easy.  The fun isn’t over yet, as I still have my wife’s Discover card to pillage through, and score another week of savings. Interested? Of course you are! If anyone tells you there’s no such thing as a free lunch, they obviously don’t have a Discover card, so feel free to point them to this post. I always enjoy new readers.  So without delay, here is how I did it: I got an email from Discover first indicating I will receive $10 cashback bonus on up to 5 in-store purchases, when I use my Discover card with Android Pay.  Pretty easy, right? I ordered my sandwiches at Whole Foods, and tapped on a drink or a bag of chips, to bring the total to $10. I checked out and simply wiped my phone across the register terminal, and that’s it!  I did this everyday of this past week, buying up different lunch items, totaling $10.00, with my last lunch Friday afternoon. I got 7 sandwich stamps too on a loyalty card they offer.  If I go back this coming week, I will have filled out the punch card, and will have myself a FREE sandwich….an $8.00 value.


If you have a Discover card and you didn’t get the email for the promotion, you can still call to confirm you qualify for the promotion.  Thats exactly what my friend did, and he found out he qualified for the promotion.  This is also a good money maker, because you can also just buy a can of soda from a vending machine that takes NFC payment, and you will get a $10 cash back bonus. If you don’t have a Discover card, I would get one as they have really vamped up their bonus promotions.  They are trying to stay competitive with other card issuers on these kids of promotions. I’d say this is a good start.  Happy Travels.

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  1. Were you limited to one location for lunch? In your post you said you had lunch at whole foods each day… Or could you eat at a different venue each day and still get the $50 in statement credits?

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