Street Art in Buenos Aires

a sequence of events:

  • a friend on twitter mentioned that Evita was coming back to broadway
  • made me watch my favorite clip from the film (yes, i think madonna did a fine job, in case you were wondering)
  • seeing them tango in that youtube video brought back memories of learning and trying to tango at a gay milonga during my trip to Buenos Aires the summer (their winter; so cold!) of 2010
  • i sometimes forget that i was fortunate enough to go to BsAs for work (and extend it a little) since i don’t have pictures up on Flickr — they’re on facebook — which serves as my main travel memory
  • looking through that photo album, i realized i absolutely did forget about  the great street art scene there, which i wouldn’t have discovered if i didn’t try have dinner at 7 (thus necessitating a walk around town until ithe restaurant opened).

this last work (not sure if the phrase was part of the original or not) was one of many gay-marriage-themed pieces around the city (down to stickers on payphones) having to do with the gay marriage law that was before legislature (which passed while i was there — super cool to be present for that!).

and, no talk of art and buenos aires can be complete without mentioning the Puente de la Mujer by my favorite architect, Santiago Calatrava. a must-see (and walk) for me while i was there!

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