Instawalk: Guarulhos (Not the Airport)

so i had to take the long way around from Lima to Santiago — going through São Paulo — due to the super cheap fare (my entire South America plane ticket with major stops in Santiago and Rio) was only $420ish including taxes. in any case, the flight to SP left half an hour late, and by the time i got to GRU, the Santiago flight had closed. a very helpful TAM employee (Ailson) helped get me hotel and meal vouchers and sent me on my way. since this is a workation i need to work tomorrow and can’t really visit SP, so i made lemons out of lemonade and went for a short walk around the hotel, which is located in the suburb of Guarulhos (hence the airport’s name and code — São Paulo/Guarulhos–Governador André Franco Montoro International Airport, aka GRU).


Wavy floor

Constructive abandonment

Ora Que Melhora

Not an Ancient Greek fresco



Gas station


Derelict train in a park

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