Instawalk — Kapitulská ulica, Bratislava

i didn’t really have a set plan for my day trip to Bratislava from Budapest today, and having only slept a handful of hours the night before i was ready to pack it in by 3 and was seriously contemplating taking the 3:50 train back. i’m glad i didn’t, though, because i stumbled across an amazing (to me) street on the west side of the old town full of abandoned (or in-the-very-very-very-early-stages-of-being-renovated) buildings. unfortunately, they were all locked up tight so i couldn’t explore, but truth be told, if there were fewer people around i probably would have hopped a fence.

the siren song of the abandonment and decay were calling out to me so loudly — i seriously was almost moved to tears by the serendipity and beauty of everything. ha, listen to me wax on about stuff many people would think i’m crazy for even considering. (perhaps i am?)

Shit I want to go inside here so bad. Too bad I can't open the door wide enough :(

I'm crying inside that this street is so full of #abandonment but I can't explore :((

this one was most certainly not abandoned; i think the walkway led to a law office:



So much fucking #abandonment it's tugging at my heart

bonus abandonment across the street from the Church of St. Elizabeth (or what i call the Smurf Church):

Mega Death #abandonment

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