Lounge Shower Review: Admirals Club at SCL

they wised up that i’m only an AAdvantage Gold, so no lounge pass or Preferente this time on LAN, but got in via Priority Pass. this is my first Admirals Club, i think?


You would think with this weird color effect on my bag there’s an Instagram filter applied. But no.


Sorry it’s a smidge blurry

ease of access and location: easy. ask for towels at the front desk. there is a lot of lounge space and very few showers (unless there are more hiding somewhere), so i would imagine it can easily get backed up. however, seeing as how i’m one of five people in this entire place, no wait for me. there’s enough space in the shower room itself to store a couple carry-on items, but still a bit snug. i’m not a fan of shower facilities that don’t have a toilet, so ding it a half star for this. (sometimes you’d like to take care of all your business in one place, amirite?)

the goods: two smaller towels (used one as bath mat), one large towel. liquid soap, shampoo, and conditioner dispenser on shower wall. i think the shampoo and conditioner started to separate (as is evident in the picture above), but they seemed to work just fine?

shower: the famed(?) combo overhead plus six additional smaller shower heads. my first time with one of these — some combination of the three knobs (still not sure what each does; i just turned them randomly until i got what i wanted) will result in the overhead being on, the handheld off, and the body ones on. it’s a pretty neat sensation (ok, i will admit the one initially pointed directly at my bum was odd), but more of a gimmick than anything, especially at the paltry rate the water came out. at least the hot water was hot and there was good pressure (as is to be expected).

cleanliness and state of facilities: 4 out of 5.

overall rating: 3 out of 5. (no toilet and kinda small, but kinda snazzy shower makes it middle-of-the-road.)

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