My Travel Style, A Pictorial (A #FriFotos Entry)

my overarching mantra, from what i’ve gathered putting this post together: travel often, travel frugal, travel to discover.

i mostly travel solo


Mosque of Muhammad Ali, Cairo, Egypt (shh don’t tell anyone but i did this trip with friends, but one of the few pictures i have of me solo — i don’t often take pictures of myself)

but that doesn’t mean i don’t like traveling with friends and family

Jeremy About to Fall In

My brother, St. Moritz, Switzerland

i prefer to fly; i hate road trips

And we're off!

Just after take-off on an evening London-Johannesburg flight on South African Airways

between cities in the same region, i prefer to take trains — especially high-speed ones

Out the Back of the Train

Somewhere in Central Europe, I *want* to say between Budapest and Ljubljana or maybe between Vienna and Budapest

and i love public transportation within cities, especially subways and trams

Subway Platform

New York Subway, taken with an LC-A

i prefer staying in airbnbs because they’re cheaper and i feel like more of a local

i’m a sucker for communist statues…

The Whole Lot of Them

Small communist statue cemetery outside of Tallinn

…and street art…


Toronto, Canada

…and interiors of sacred spaces…


Monastery of Hosios Loukas, Greece

…and anything abandoned


New Idria, California

i travel for experiences like concerts…


Virginia Jetzt!, Berlin, Germany

…or exploration…


Chernobyl, Ukraine

…or general curiosity about the world i live in.


Near Siem Reap, Cambodia

i do splurge every now and then, though, for big ticket “once-in-a-lifetime” trips (though i hope they’re never just once)


On safari, South Africa

and i’m a mild aviation geek


Star Alliance MegaDO 4

and let’s not forget about food!

Pizzas at Da Michele

Da Michele, Naples, Italy


Suckling Pig

Suckling Pig at Pedro dos Leitões, Mealhada, Portugal


Convinced they only buy kids-sized furniture for al fresco dining.

Saigon, Vietnam



Donghuamen Night Market, Beijing, China



Luxemburgerli, Zurich, Switzerland

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