#frifotos — Scenes from a Winter Hike Around Vaxholm, Sweden

now if all y’all know me, you know i’m not big into outdoorsy stuff. but every now and then, i indulge Mother Nature and get out into the great beyond. here are some pictures from a hike through the woods surrounding Vaxholm, an island in the Stockholm archipelago. it was nice and dead in the winter (i gather it’s primarily a summer destination, and i’m sure it’d be great to visit then), so it was mostly just me crunching through the snow. i believe in warmer months you can get there via boat, but i took a bus from Stockholm. after having a nice hot lunch in town, i struck out in search of nothing(ness).

A Little Cove


Tree Silhouettes


The Path Taken

The Hill Hiked Up

Red Cabins 3

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