I’m a Fast Food Fanatic

as i sit here snacking on my pumpkin spice oreos (perhaps the best grocery store cookie i’ve ever had, by the way), i see a tweet from my travel guru, Jen from My Life’s a Trip:

and that got me to thinking — i really do love my fast food, and i should pull together some of the times i’ve had fast food while traveling. to those of you who pooh-pooh this (and i know a lot of you are already), localized fast food joints (even chains) are indeed worth checking out, at least in my book. sure, they may not be as fancy as your Michelin starred destination restaurants, but if they serve something you can’t get at home, why not? in any case, if you disagree with me, thank you for your concern but i’m fine the way i do. 😉

sidebar i’ll make a quick note of my favorite local stuff first: Bacon Western Double Cheeseburger at Carl’s Jr., 10-piece Chicken McNuggets with lots of barbecue sauce at McDonald’s, Crunchwrap Surpreme at Taco Bell, Double Down at KFC, Sourdough Jack at Jack In the Box. i don’t particularly care for In ‘n Out (*GASP*) but if i must, i get a #1 animal style protein style — with animal style fries if i’m feeling particularly oinkish.

so let’s see what we have here. this is just a quick (unordered) list of things that i remember or are easily searchable in my twitter archives. i’m not including places that are fast but are sit-down establishments, nor am i including street or festival/fair food. just think, this is the tip of the iceberg, y’all! OM NOM NOM. sadly many of these pictures were taken with older smartphones which don’t make food look appetizing 🙁

(ugh it’s killing me i can’t find a picture of the limited-edition carbonara burger from Shake Shack…)


Beef yakiniku rice burger from MOS (this one in Bangkok)

Ordered this at a Wimpy burger in Johannesburg.

Ordered this at a Wimpy burger in Johannesburg.

at which point i must also mention:

i must take a moment and profess my love of Wawa:

McDonald's crepes from Kiev

McDonald’s crepes from Kiev

KFC Double Down

KFC Double Down



2014-06-28 17.39.00

My first White Castle

oh, my best fast food secret? KFCs in China have the best Portuguese-style egg tarts. (trust me, they’re better-looking in real life; blame smartphone camera technology of several years ago.)


and to finish it all off:

UPDATE: i have been informed i forgot a picture of poutine. SOURRY!


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  1. Giddy for Points | October 21, 2014 at 9:45 am | Reply

    You are the skinniest fast food junkie I know lol. Yaay for good genes 😉

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