The Best Way To Get Between Airports In Moscow (HINT: Uber)

not that i’d recommend a connection that involves switching airports in Moscow to anyone, but in case you ever do*. note that you will need at least a valid transit visa to change airports, although getting a full 3-year visa has been a godsend for me since it enables these sorts of Moscow-based trips.

* because there always seems to be super cheap flights to Moscow, perfect for jumping off to elsewhere in Eastern Europe and beyond; in my case, i was returning from Kazakhstan on Air Astana to Sheremetyevo, spending the night at the Domodedovo airport hotel before an early morning flight to Vienna

anyways, your likely best option is…UBER!

but first, let’s look at your other alternatives, using SVO-DME as an example. this is pulled from Rome2Rio:


i don’t know where they got their Aeroexpress fare information, as the price for a ticket for traveling between airports is 1000 rubles, which includes the subway in between. yes, to ride the rails means you have to navigate an intervening subway ride between the respective termini of each airport’s Aeroexpress. besides that, it will take you a while longer than the posted 1h48m since you’ll have to be waiting for trains, too.

cab is of course the most expensive option; we’ll leave it at that. i’ll assume their bus/metro trip is correct, but really, that’s just plain unpleasant and probably not for you unless you’re on a dental floss shoestring budget trip.

there are probably shuttle services but i imagine they can’t be lower than 1000 rubles ($17.82), but Uber is FIXED PRICE on all trips in Moscow, no matter the length — at 1500 rubles ($26.73).

definitely the best deal:


i should note that she pressed the End Trip button on Uber early or something since we were still about 10 minutes out (but i did get to the hotel ok!)

$27 for a private car service on a trip that takes well over an hour? definitely. and it makes even more sense (=cheaper) if you are traveling in a group, as long as y’all will fit in a car, and that’s why people like to use Uber, still there could be issues as accidents with pedestrians or more, in this case using a Brooklyn Uber Attorney could be of real help for this.

poor Olga (who is definitely not as scary as her profile pic would make her seem) wasn’t too happy, i think, that i wanted a trip clear across town, but i had no complaints and gave her 5 stars.

heck, the ride at the very least was a nice way to see a large swath of the city that’s normally left unseen by visitors. if there’s anything i learned from going halfway around the Ring Road, it’s that Moscow has plenty of drab apartment buildings, shopping malls, and power plants.

p.s. the theme song for my ride (it played on the radio while we were zooming along):

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