BarclayCard Announces Benefits to be Eliminated in 2014

BarclayCard to Eliminate some Key Benefits at the end of 2014


I just received the following information in the mail from BarclayCard concerning the US Airways MasterCard®.

The mailing outlines some of the benefits that will be continuing throughout the life of the card as well as pointing out many of the benefits that will be going away.

I can’t say that I am too bothered by the upcoming loss of a Day Pass for the Club, nor the discount on Club Membership as I personally didn’t ever use these.  I do believe that losing the 10K Preferred Qualifying miles and the Companion Pass are a big blow to the overall benefits of the card.  Perhaps the new benefit of receiving 10% of miles back for award redemption might help to offset those losses.

Maximize these Benefits – They Will Be Discontinued in 2015

Companion Certificate

If you have not already received your companion certificate, on your account anniversary in 2014 you will receive your final companion certificate for up to 2 guests to travel with you on a US Airways flight for $99 each (plus taxes and fees). You must purchase your tickets within 9 months of issuance and travel within 12 months.

Miles Towards Preferred Status

When you spend $25,000 or more in 2014, we’ll automatically convert 10,000 of your existing miles into Preferred-qualifying miles – which will cont towards your 2015 Preferred status.

US Airways Club day pass and Membership discount

If you have not already received your club day pass, on your account anniversary in 2014, you will receive your final complimentary day pass to visit a US Airways Club, valid for 12 months.  You will not receive another $75 discount coupon toward an annual US Airways Club membership in the mail. However, you may still be able to take advantage of this discount through September 30, 2014 by calling 800-828-8522 or by visiting any of the domestic Clubs.

First Class Check-in

Continue to enjoy First Class check-in until the end of 2014

The new benefits are outlined below. The only positives that I see are that flyers will now have the ability to receive 10% of award travel miles redeposited. As many award levels have increased, this will help to soften that blow a little bit. It also appears that US Airways (The New American) will be changing their award rules to now allow one way awards just as American already does.

In 2015 the US Airways and American Airlines frequent flyer prorams will be integrated.  Your card will become the American Airlines AAdvantage MasterCard® issued by Barclaycard and will offer new benefits, including:

10% of your miles back

When you redeem your miles for award travel, you will receive 10% of your miles back into your account.

25% off in-flight purchases

Save 25% on in-flight food and veverage purchases when you use your card.

$100 Flight Discount

As a cardmember, you can earn a $100 flight discount each year in which you spend $30,000 or more in purchases while maintaining cardmembership.

Additional redemption flexibility

Enhance your award travel experience with redemption for one-way travel and First Class upgrades.

All in all, the changes are not too drastic, although losing the opportunity to earn Preferred Qualifying Miles will certainly hurt some.

If you do not yet have the BarclayCard US Airways Premier World MasterCard®, now might be the time to get it so that you will receive the existing benefits throughout the end of 2014.MasterCard 2

[The US Airways Premier World MasterCard®]


10 Comments on "BarclayCard Announces Benefits to be Eliminated in 2014"

  1. So is the 5K mileage discount sticking around?

    • Carolina Travel Girl | May 17, 2014 at 4:42 pm | Reply

      From what I can tell, yes. It was mentioned in the ‘Enjoy Exclusive Benefits’ section of the pamphlet (along with Priority Boarding and First Checked Bag)… and not specifically mentioned in the ‘Discontinued in 2015’ section. So maybe with the 5K reduction and the 10% return, flyers will make out much better on award travel.

  2. Any word on business cards, which have somewhat different benefits?

  3. AZTravelGuy | May 18, 2014 at 5:35 am | Reply

    The sad part is that, assuming you used it, the companion pass paid for the annual fee. I always save more at least $200 when I use it for one companion, in some years much more (like on trips to Canada). That and the loss of preferred/elite qualifying miles means I’ll seriously need to evaluate keeping any of my US Airways cards issued by Barclays.

    • Carolina Travel Girl | May 19, 2014 at 10:34 pm | Reply

      I agree AZ… mine has been gathering dust anyhow, but I may pull it out and make that spend for the 10K preferred miles this year.

  4. Disappointing announcement but not entirely unsurprising given the merger.

  5. Hi. So if I already have the Citi Platinum AA card that gets me most of this on AA, is there a long term benefit to this card other then scooping 40,000 miles u won’t be able to get again?

    Thank you

    • Carolina Travel Girl | May 19, 2014 at 10:32 pm | Reply

      I think your best benefit at this point is doing just what you say… scooping the 40K if that will help you with your travel goals ….and, if I remember correctly, a Companion Pass comes with the Welcome Kit …. if so, it would be good for one year from the date of issue. It’s just that your next anniversary would fall next year, so no more pass at that point.

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