6 Comments on "A Better US Airways MasterCard"

  1. The offer has been 40k for a while. What’s changed is them paying affiliates for it. Nothing new for the general public.

    • Carolina Travel Girl | April 30, 2014 at 10:20 pm | Reply

      The offer that has been around for a while was a 30K card with an additional 10K after a spend or balance transfer. This card contains all of the new benefits – and a flat 40K bonus – no minimum spend is required. Our affiliate program has had no changes.

  2. There is a 30k + 10k offer with no annual fee, much better than this deal.

    • Carolina Travel Girl | April 30, 2014 at 10:22 pm | Reply

      According to the latest updates on FlyerTalk the 30k+10k waived annual fee card link no longer works. And, as a data point, I had the no annual fee card for a while and only received one mile per $2 spend. YMMV. Also, even though some of the cards are offered with a 10K anniversary bonus, Barclay’s has been known to not award them – I know that for a fact. As these 40K miles are guaranteed, and the benefits have improved, I stand by my statement – this is a better card.

  3. It actually is a different offer, and a better one too! For starters, you now get the complimentary checked bag on US Airways which is very new.

    Also, the past offer has always been, as Carolina Travel Girl previously mentioned, 30K bonus after first purchase and the remaining 10K needed to be earned via balance transfers. Now, it’s actually a 40k bonus outright after the first purchase. No need for balance transfers.

    Definitely an improved offer!

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