AAdvantage Cadillac 7500 Mile Test Drive Update

Cadillac 2015 ATSCadillac 2015 ATS

Cadillac (640x480)I’m sure many of you heard about the Cadillac and American Airlines promotion . The promotion was offering 7500 miles as an incentive to have customers test drive the new Cadillac. The promotion ran in conjunction with the American Airlines and Cadillac announcement of their partnership to provide a tarmac-to-gate airport transfer program for elite customers with tight connections.

Cadillac 2015 ATS

Cadillac 2015 ATS

I wrote about my test drive last week.  I am sorry that American pulled the promotion early before many of you had a chance to participate. Speculation was that so many people were interested in it – far more than the organizers were prepared for. The link to the page now greets you with this message:

Thanks for your interest. The Cadillac test drive program is now closed.

Not only did I have an excellent experience with my local dealership, Masters Cadillac, I was pleased to note that my miles actually posted the day of my test drive.Cadillac Update

It was a great experience… I now have a go to person at the dealership for future car purchases… and I have a nicer balance in my AAdvantage account.

This promotion serves as a lesson to all of us again… when the deal comes around, jump on it and ask questions later.

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