$50 for Opening a CapitalOne Bank Account (Geographic Requirement)

I received a snail mail offer where I could refer a “friend” to CapitalOne Bank and if they opened up an account and met all the requirements, they would receive $50 and I would get $50.

Capital One OfferHere are all the requirements:

  • You must open a checking account in person in a branch in Dallas, Forth Worth, Houston, Shreveport or Bossier.
  • Accounts must be opened by March 31, 2014
  • Min balances depend on the type of checking account opened and range from $50-$500
  • You must do one of the following within 90 days of opening the account to receive your $50
  1. Make a direct deposit into the account
  2. Make 3 transactions using a combination of a debit card purchase, an online bill payment, or an atm deposit.

If you meet the geographical criteria and would be interested in a referral, then leave a comment and I can send you a bonus voucher.

Also just to let you know, banks treat these as interest received so they will send you a 1098 for tax purposes.

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