#milemadness 1st Week Update

For those who have been following along with the Manufacture Spend Tournament that Matt at Saverocity and Greg at the Frequent Miler are hosting, it has been a pretty crazy week of churning. I’ve posted Day #1 and Day #2 but the rest of the week was the same ole stuff so didn’t bother giving a play by play.

So every week, the judges will do the tally to see where we stand in the tournament. My unofficial tally of miles, points, and credit card cash back are:

Barclays Points: 2,016
Ultimate Rewards Points: 27,437
Delta Miles: 9,193
United Miles: 4,020
Cash Back: $204

Total amount spent: $23,521
Total out of pocket costs: $35

In order to compare miles across all players, they are going to be valued using the Frequent Milers Fair Trading Prices. Matt at Saverocity jokingly said this about my earning of Delta miles on twitter which I thought was funny
Saverocity tweet

Strategies used include buying Visa GC and unloading via buying MO, Amazon Pmts, buying a Hyatt GC and selling to a friend, and just recently I found a WM ATM that will let me do MO with a $500 limit. So I can unload GC this way as well.


I pretty much used all of my 2 bluebird capacities for the month but another family member let me get one under their SSN so hopefully its on its way soon.  I also got approved for the Amex Blue Preferred which gets 6% at grocery stores up to $6k in a year so I’ll be buying GCs here as well.

I think I did pretty good but look how the other players have done. I’ve only posted those that have been making posts about #milemadness:

Miles, Points, & Mai Tais
Big Habitat

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