Marriott Premier Card Chip & Signature and Offline 140,000 Ritz Carlton Card


Marriott with Chip & Signature

I just received my new Marriott Premier Chase credit card and was happy to see that it is now a chip & signature card, and with the no foreign transaction fees, I can use it internationally. It is also made of the same material as the Chase Sapphire Preferred card. The chip & signature for this card has been around for a bit but I still had the old version. If you have the old version, you can call the number on the back to ask for the new version. If you don’t have the card, I wrote about the new 70,000 offer currently available.

Old card on top, new card on bottom

Old card on top, new card on bottom

Ritz Carlton 140,000 offer

There has been discussion of the new Ritz Carlton Chase card for 140,000 that is only available by calling 1-888-846-7004. When calling, you must mention offer code F5BP. This card currently comes with a $395 annual fee but here are all the benefits that the agent mentioned:

  • Get 140,000 bonus points after you spend 2,000 in the first 3 months of approval
  • If you don’t have a Ritz-Carlton rewards number, you can add your Marriott rewards number and these bonus points will be deposited into you Marriott account.
  • Get 5x on Ritz properties and eligible Marriott properties (not sure what are “eligible” )
  • Get 2x on rental cards, hotels, and restaurant charges
  • Get 1x on everything else
  • Get $300 annually on airline incidentals. This is per calendar year from Jan 1-Dec 31 so it is possible to get $600 in one card year. I know Amex allows airline gift cards to be counted for statement credit but not sure how Chase would treat this.
  • Complimentary Gold Status for Ritz Carlton
  • Lounge Club¬†membership
  • 3 club upgrades on paid stays for up to 7 days per stay
  • No foreign transaction fees and chip & signature
  • Concierge service with a designated phone number

This card intrigued me and with the airline incidental credits I would net $205. I called the number, gave all my information to the agent, was briefly placed on hold, and was approved for the card! This card is definitely not for everyone but if it fits your budget and future travel plans, then it is an option.

For those wanting to know the rewards chart for Marriott and Ritz properties, click on this link.


6 Comments on "Marriott Premier Card Chip & Signature and Offline 140,000 Ritz Carlton Card"

  1. Did you get Marriott Gold or Ritz Carlton Gold status? Please provided details since I would like to apply.

    • Giddy for Points | August 4, 2014 at 9:02 am | Reply

      When I talked to the agent, they said that you get status at Ritz Carlton only and not Marriott. But they do share the points as in you can redeem points in one brand for the other brand.

  2. I received my Marriott card today. It feels much more rigid than a starndard CC, but I think it’s actually plastic and not metal like the Sapphire.

  3. I thought there were terms and conditions that you could only ge tone or the other of the Marriott and Ritz cards. Has this changed?

    • Giddy for Points | August 5, 2014 at 7:07 am | Reply

      Here are the T&Cs “Chase cardmembers who currently have or have had a Chase credit card in any Rewards Program associated with this offer or have received a similar bonus offer, may not be eligible for a second Chase credit card in the same Rewards Program, or for any bonus offer. Chase cardmembers currently receiving promotional pricing, or Chase cardmembers with a history of only using their current or prior Chase card for promotional pricing offers, are not eligible for a second Chase credit card with promotional pricing”

      So it doesn’t specifically state the Marriott card like it had previously did but it does mention rewards program. So maybe you can’t earn Marriott points with this card but you can earn Ritz Carlton points. I did add my Marriott # so I will see if I did qualify. That would be whole lot of points wasted based on a technicality though.

  4. I’d like to take back my comment above: I agree that the new Marriott card seems to be the same metal material as the Sapphire.

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