New Dosh App Offers Cash Back for Dining, Shopping, and Travel

There is a new app that was just introduced that will earn you cash back by simply using your credit card. I downloaded it to test it out and this is how it works:

  • Download the app and create an account (I will earn $5 if you use my referral link)
  • You must link at least one credit card to use the app (You will receive $5 for linking your card)
  • The app uses your location to show you restaurants, shopping, and hotels that will give you cash back
  • Use your linked credit card at the select merchant and cash will be deposited into your Dosh account
  • Once you reach $15, you can transfer the cash earned to your bank account or you can donate to charity

I opened the app and was able to see these nearby merchants and you can shop online merchants just like a shopping portal. They have a nice percentage of cash back for many merchants.

Dosh restaurants

You can also book hotels through this app to get a good chunk back. This is great for those business travelers who rack up many nights. Just like any 3rd party hotel booking, you may or may not be recognized for status or earn loyalty points. It depends on the hotel whether they choose to recognize them. Here is a sample of hotels nearby me and their cash back opportunities.

Dosh hotels

I hope they continue to add new merchants but anyone that has a Dosh app can refer a business to be added to the app. So if you are business who wants to be added, feel free to contact me so I can refer you. Also anyone can feel free to leave their referral link in the comments.

Will you be downloading the Dosh app to check it out?




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