Cash Back at Restaurants and Sweepstakes with Dosh

It has been several months since I initially downloaded the Dosh app which I previously wrote about and wanted to share by results thus far. I’ve seen other users that have had great success but my results have been minimal mostly because I haven’t had to book hotels and there are few restaurants in my area that participate.

I was surprised however that my favorite breakfast place was on the app and I’ve received cash back almost instantly by paying with my linked credit card. It’s those little unexpected windfalls that make my day.

Dosh Franks Grill

Many of the restaurants that participate will give you between 7%-10% cash back which is pretty high, and you will still earn your cash back or points offered by your credit card, so double win!

Dosh is also currently running a sweepstakes between now and Sept 1, 2017 with a grand prize weekend hotel stay for 2 up to $500, 2nd place Chuck E. Cheese Party, and 10 3rd place prize of $10. To enter, download the app (my referral link) and connect your card. You can also earn more entries by referring others. When people click on your link, download the app, and connect a card, you will earn an entry up to 10 max entries.  See the T&Cs here.

Dosh Sweepstakes

How has your experience been thus far with Dosh?



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