Free Upgrades, Everytime – “I Always Fly First, But I Only Buy Coach”


Do you want to know the secrets on how American Airlines Executive Platinums almost always get upgraded for free?

Casey Neistat explains in a YouTube video that he gets free upgrades, every time. In his video, he says “I always fly First, but I only buy coach. That’s right, big seats, fancy food, lay flat beds, priority everything, and ice cream sundaes. All for the price of that sh**** middle seat in the back of the plane.”

I went on Casey’s YouTube channel and found another fascinating video he created about his 10 day trip on a RTW (Round the World) ticket.

Videos like these are inspiring to frequent flyers like myself and others around the world. This is probably the best video I’ve seen depicting travel hacking since Gabriel Leigh’s Frequent Flyer film.


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5 Comments on "Free Upgrades, Everytime – “I Always Fly First, But I Only Buy Coach”"

  1. That was the most amazing 10 days ever! I would love to do an epic trip like that!

  2. I actually expected him to be more annoying from your first description, but these videos were actually pretty enjoyable and really well done.

  3. Lots of mistaken claims in that video, as I noted back in February

    Still, well done compared to most discussions of upgrades.

  4. the first video is well produced and empty… it explains the obvious. The second is much better, and I was happy to hear Tiga’s music in the background.

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